Understand that when Christianity turned into the authority religion of the Roman Empire, it was not the Biblical Christianity that most Bible Believers acknowledge today. It was an unholy marriage between numerous agnostic convictions and rehearses, and what the early church educated.

This marriage created another religion

It was a depravity of Christianity which lead to numerous conventions and extra-Biblical practices that are not found in the Word of God being regarded and acknowledged similarly with Scripture. Book of scriptures Believers have consistently dismissed this creation by the Roman Empire and keep on doing so today.

At some point after 500 A.D., the festival presently known as Christmas was ordered by the Roman Empire. Individuals needed to praise this occasion. The abundances of Saturnalia were held and Bible Believers of that time were frequently stunned at the socially and ethically corrupted way that Romans commended the introduction of the Savior. At this point extra agnostic components had been added to the occasion. These incorporate different celebration festivities initially attached to the beginning of January. This is the reason individuals observe Christmas and New Year’s so intently together today.

January first was the Roman New Year

The festivals encompassing this celebration incorporated the embellishing of houses with candles, green plants and little trees. Endowments were given to youngsters and poor people. Once more, these celebration conventions gradually turned into a piece of the Roman Christmas festivity with the goal that the celebrations of Christmas and New Years combined.

December 25th turned into the point of convergence of every one of these festivals on the grounds that the Roman Emperor Aurelian had significantly sooner pronounced that the agnostic celebration of natalis solis invicti (or birth of the un-vanquished sun) ought to happen on that date starting in the year 274 A.D. It was a famous celebration and appeared to introduce a simple change from praising the introduction of the sun to commending the introduction of God’s Son.

Extra components were added to the Roman Christmas after Germanic clans penetrated Rome, overran the domain and proceeded onward into Gaul and Britain.