essie Professional Nail Polish Review

Because Princess Kate was wearing Essie Nail Polish when she married Prince William at Buckingham Palace! Of course,Guest Posting that’s not the only press coverage this dynamic nail care brand has gotten in years past. The Award-winning Essie polish has been proclaimed as the superior brand for those who love healthy nails, beautiful nail color and lasting results. Essie nail polish has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Allure, InStyle and many other highly acclaimed beauty publications. It has been worn by a number of celebrities, who swear Essie Nail Polish is the only brand they will ever use. When you use the Essie brand, you can feel confident that every product line they produce is going to get gorgeous results. Essie has a reputation for making gorgeous women even more glamorous by matching them with nail products that will produce the best results. When you use Essie nail lacquer or other nail care products by Essie, you’re fingernails will love you for it!Essie has been offering outrageous nail colors to glam girls since 1981 and women love the unique color selections offered only by Essie. Beauty experts have come to trust Essie nail polish as one of the most effective nail salon 33308 nail color lines in the beauty industry. Essie polishes don’t just bring gorgeous color; they also bring clinically proven results. When you use Essie polish, you layer your nails with essential vitamins and nutrients that make nails look and feel brighter and healthier. Science meets seduction in every bottle of Essie nail enamel, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Essie is a scientifically formulated blend of unique ingredients that color and care for your fingernails.Here are just a few of the fabulous and exquisite colors captured by Essie: Blanc, the perfect snowy white color used for French Manicures; Go Overboard, a bright sea blue; Ladylike, an elegant soft mauve; Intimate, a seductive nude pearl and French Affair, a lovely lavender based pink. Essie has a wide selection of nail colors ranging from conservative nudes to pretty pinks to bold purples and greens. Essie polish has more than one hundred different shades for women to choose from.Essie nail polish is so exclusive, it is only offered to salon professionals. In order to maintain its reputation for quality, Essie Cosmetics only allows distributors and salon owners to purchase their products directly. Stylists are then welcome to promote Essie products to clients in a professional salon setting.Essie diligently stays up on the latest trends in beauty and fashion, incorporating the latest styles into nail wear so you don’t have to. Essie freely shares beauty news and glamour tips to keep women in the know. Keeping up with Essie means you’ll always be in touch with the latest nail fashions on the beauty scene. For instance, Essie nail lacquers went wild at holiday time, encouraging women to incorporate sequins into their evening look by pressing glittery pieces into the fingernails for shimmer and sparkle.Dedicated to making sure women look their best from the tip of their heads to the tips of their toes, Essie also makes sure the tip of your fingernails are taken care of and looking lovely. See our full selection of essie polish.