What’s Involved In Family Photography?

Family portrait photography is an artistic and creative art form. It’s more than just being able to take a digital camera and snap a picture of your loved ones. It’s about getting a true reflection of the personality of a family member. The great thing about family photography is each family member has their own special style (whether they want it or not).

I remember when I was a teenager my family members didn’t know I was doing a photo shoot for my sister’s baby shower. She always called me by my first name. She asked me if I could take pictures of her friends, my two sisters and her little baby. My sister is quite expressive, but she wasn’t very outgoing. I couldn’t see the benefit in asking me if I would be up front and honest about my intentions.

My advice would have been to say that my first and last words to my subjects would be “Happy Birthday!” (after the cake). This would have been a simple and honest conversation about my intentions. In hindsight I realize that this is one of the most common reasons why people get in too deep. The problem with having someone else do your photography for you is that they are going to be more interested in what they can do rather than what you would like to see. This is especially true if you don’t take photos of all members of the family at one time.

The best family photo is one where every member of the family has something in common. If you can find this in the people that you are photographing, it will make everyone feel a sense of belonging. And, since family photographs are generally one of the most treasured memories we can share, this is something that everyone should strive for.

While family portrait photography can be a very personal experience, it can also be one that makes a statement to the outside world. A well-lit photograph with a natural light background can make a big impact. If your subject is standing in a field or in a garden, the lighting can really pop off their face. It’s also important to make sure to get plenty of props, or embellishments on hand to give the photograph that final touch of class.

Remember to take pictures with your family photographer taking your personality into consideration. You don’t want your family portraits to be a snap shot in one photo. Make them a story and enjoy sharing that story with them. Have a look around on the web and you’ll see many different examples of family photographs that you can work with. Be open minded and find a family photographer like houston family photographers who has an eye for capturing the realness of your family.

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